Plenty of Lessons from Daily Life in Ama in Oki District, Shimane Prefecture (Vol. 1)



Plenty of Lessons from Daily Life in Ama in Oki District, Shimane Prefecture (Vol. 1)



  In the modern era of expanding globalization, urban areas are full of things, money, and the latest fashions that attract young people. On the other hand, people in Ama, located in the Oki District, Shimane Prefecture, have a good life, even though the town has almost no such attractions. To find out why, I landed at the island by ship after flying from Tokyo.
  Volume 1 of the two-part series of articles will intensively cover the jobs and lifestyles of young people who moved to Ama from outside the island.
  Volume 2 will introduce the activities of Shimashoku no Terakoya (meaning literally “cooking school for island foods”). This volume will also feature the efforts of the CAS Freezing Center at Furusato Ama Co., Ltd., which sells seafood from Ama throughout the country by introducing the CAS system, which preserves ocean-fresh seafood without damaging its cellular tissues.

Oki Kisen ferry leaving the Hishiura Port

  Located about 60 kilometers north of mainland Shimane Prefecture, the Oki Islands comprise approximately 180 small islands that are rich in nature. The largest island, which has an airport, is Dogo, and three other islands—Nishinoshima, Nakanoshima, and Chiburijima—are known as Dozen. The total population of the four islands is around 23,000.
  Among these islands, in recent years, the town of Ama on Nakanoshima has an increasing number of people moving in and returning to the town. Indeed, more than 400 people have moved to Ama over the past ten years.

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