The Boathouses of Ine: Closest Lifestyle to the Sea in Japan

In June 2016 Kyoto Prefecture and seven municipalities in the northern part of the prefecture (the cities of Fukuchiyama, Maizuru, Ayabe, Miyazu, and Kyotango and the towns of Ine-cho and Yosano-cho) established the Umi no Kyoto (Kyoto by the Sea) DMO (Destination Management/Marketing Organization) to promote the formation of a regional brand tourism zone. Facing the Sea of Japan, the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture has been an important link between the continent and Kyoto since ancient times. Furthermore, it is no exaggeration to say that the plentiful food of this region, including marine products, rice, and vegetables, supports the kitchens of Kyoto. This time, introducing the “Kyoto by the sea” region, I place the spotlight especially on the boathouses of Ine Bay and the “close-to-the-sea” lifestyle of the people living there, exploring their attractions and how to enjoy them.

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