Plenty of Lessons from Daily Life in Ama in Oki District, Shimane Prefecture (Vol.2)

  Volume 2 of the series, which explore the charm of the town of Ama in the Oki District, Shimane Prefecture, will introduce the activities of Shimashoku no Terakoya, a chef training school teaching the culture and essence of Japanese cuisine. This volume will also feature the efforts of the CAS Freezing Center at Furusato Ama Co., Ltd., which sells Ama’s seafood throughout the country by introducing the CAS system, which preserves ocean-fresh seafood without damaging its cellular tissues. In addition, Sentoraru-tei, a restaurant serving dishes using the company’s products, will also be covered in this article.

Andy and his wife, Noriko, from Germany, and Mr. Takeo Sato (center), a cooking instructor at Shimashoku no Terakoya
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