Denshu — Why do so many Japanese sake fans love it? —


I love Japanese sake. Actually, I like alcoholic drinks in general. But when I am asked what I like most, at least for the last 20 years or so, my reply has been sake. Although occasionally I do buy magazines with special features on sake, I hardly ever read them. When the flavor of sake is explained in technical jargon, I just don’t want to read about it. What’s good is good. If I think something is tasty myself, surely that is enough, isn’t it? It was with this approach that a few years ago I came across a sake called Denshu tokubetsu junmaishu (special pure rice sake), produced by Nishida Sake Brewery in Aomori Prefecture. Although Denshu has a light taste, it is also extremely distinctive and flavorsome. I can’t really explain why, but anyway I was captivated.
     So recently, rather selfishly, I admit, I visited Nishida Sake Brewery, the only sake brewery in the city of Aomori, to learn about the secrets to the tastiness of Denshu, which I believe to be the best sake in Japan. Together with videos of the sake-making process, let me introduce the essence of Japanese sake brewing.

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