Bewitching Lake Toya


There are some places that make you feel refreshed and zippy just by going there. Recently, for the first time in ages, I was taken to such a place by a local resident well versed in local affairs with whom I had become acquainted through work.

The place was at Lake Toya in Hokkaido, which became well-known worldwide when the G8 summit was held there five years ago. My acquaintance led me up a narrow path to the top of a hill, from where the panoramic view was simply breathtaking. Apparently this marvelous vantage point is extremely popular among those in the know. The view of Lake Toya below and Nakajima island floating in the middle was splendid. I just stood there gazing at the scenery for a while.

After a time, I got the feeling that I was being drawn in by the lake, and later I felt quite bouncy and refreshed in both body and mind. Without doubt, I had absorbed some extremely powerful energy. The whole of Lake Toya really is what the Japanese like to call a “power spot,” a place in the natural world that seems to emit a kind of spiritual force.

The legend of Lake Toya has it that there is a beautiful goddess living in the lake and any men who plunge under the water become so infatuated by her, they never return to land.

Lake Toya is a truly bewitching place. (SM)











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