Episode 58 Birthday in Matsuyama


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Episode 58
Birthday in Matsuyama 

Hi, it’s Zuzana. This is a special episode where I want to tell the whole world that I have the best husband of all times. 

Michal has always prepared wonderful birthday surprises for me. This year, I was going to turn 30 and that’s a special event, so he was very nervous. He wanted to make it BIG. But preparing a great party in a foreign country where one doesn’t speak the language is very hard…. 

He kept telling me not to expect much. I just knew he was planning something in Matsuyama. Probably a nice dinner and onsen, I thought. What actually happened was beyond my imagination and I am still incredibly impressed and happy! 

It was raining when we arrived in Matsuyama city. We checked into a hotel that I booked, a night before my birthday. From the very minute we woke up, Michal started gifting me with goodness. First he organized a confcall with my 4 best friends in Prague. Next, he served breakfast with my favourite foods. After that he showed me a 20-minutes long video compilation that he put together and where all my family and friends where saying their congratulations and wishes.  

Around noon, we arrived to a running sushi restaurant for lunch. Michal kept me busy looking at the menu when…. ERIKA SHIBATA suddenly turned up out of nowhere!! I was completely speechless!!! She and Michal planned this secret surprise in summer already. I had no idea whatsoever. I felt like the happiest girl in Japan. 

All three of us enjoyed the loveliest two days. Erika’s present was a night at a fancy hotel, where we relaxed in a rooftop onsen, had fun chatting while Michal prepared cocktails. We took a chairlift to Matsuyama’s castle, ate delicious daifuku for snack, gyoza for the first dinner and yakiniku for the second one. To finish off the night, we spent three great hours at karaoke!  

The following day was also superb. Erika took us to the famous Dogo onsen, then the two of them surprised me with a birthday cake at in the park. To say goodbye, we invited Erika for lunch. It was sad to let her go again, but I will never forget this wonderful birthday that my husband and my Japanese mom/sister prepared for me. ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU.  




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