The Volcanic Blessings of Mt. Aso: Part 2



The Volcanic Blessings of Mt. Aso: Part 2

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Hot Springs and Spring Water

One of the byproducts of volcanoes that immediately springs to mind (excuse the pun!) is spas and spring water. The Aso caldera is no exception, being blessed with lots of hot springs and loads of spring water. These rich assets support the lives of the local people, provide places of relaxation, and contribute to the local economy as an important tourist resource.


Uchinomaki Onsen Village

Drinkable Spring Water

Uchinomaki Onsen is an old spa frequented by many literary figures in the past. Its characteristics are the plentiful and diverse types of spring water. Almost every hotel and ryokan has its own hot spring, with water fed directly to baths from the source. Water qualities differ from hot spring to hot spring, and even neighboring facilities have completely different types of water. Several facilities offer “drinkable spring water” at their entrances, so you can easily taste the difference. The drinkable water at the hotel where I was staying contained a lot of calcium, sodium, and hydrogen carbonate; it tasted rather like diluted salt water. In contrast, the water at a nearby ryokan had a bit of an iron flavor. The medicinal effects differ as well, so visitors can choose hot springs according to their physical condition.

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Two completely different types of spring water

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