Nakijin Village: Brimming with Good Old Okinawan Ambience




In the past the village of Nakijin in Okinawa had a castle, the ruins of which still exist today. Nakijin is a tranquil place, where the pristine scenery of good old Okinawa can be seen at every turn and the warmth and kindness of the local people can be felt.
Recently, in 2000 the Nakijin Castle ruins were registered as part of a World Heritage site, and in 2005 the Kouri Ohashi bridge linking Yagajishima and Kourijima islands was completed. This bridge made Kourijima accessible by land from the main island of Okinawa, and as a result many tourists began to visit to see the island’s magnificent blue sea and nature. This summer Kourijima’s fame was further stimulated by a television commercial featuring a popular boys’ group that showed the island’s Heart Rocks, and the number of sightseers visiting Nakijin has spiraled. Let’s take a look at the attractions of Nakijin and some sights that are likely to become popular from now on.

Warumi Strait









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