Enjoying Communication at the Kyoto International Manga Museum



Enjoying Communication at the Kyoto International Manga Museum


Recently I went along to the Kyoto International Manga Museum (MM), which, apart from a new building, occupies an old elementary school previously attended by local children. The stout concrete walls and wooden floors and doors give the museum a uniquely imposing and warm atmosphere. The outdoor space, where visitors sit or lay sprawled out reading their favorite comics, used to be the schoolyard where children boisterously played. Of course, everyone can enjoy the MM just as they like, but here I would like to introduce some participatory activities in which visitors, including an increasing number of foreign travelers in recent years, can enjoy communication with the museum and among themselves.


Kamishibai Performances
(2F Kamishibai Room)

When I entered the Kamishibai Room, I was amazed by how lively the participating children were. I say “participating” because the kamishibai performances (sliding-picture storytelling shows) are a two-way, truly participatory form of entertainment. One of the museum’s kamishibai performers, Yoshitake Araki (aka Rakkyomu), gives shows of about 30 minutes. His shows consist first of all of a quiz using kamishibai pictures and then, depending on the response of the audience that day, either traditional and well-known kamishibai, such as Ogon Bat (Golden Bat), or a new kamishibai that he has created himself. Read more…

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