Amazing Snow Monkeys


The Shiga Kogen ski ground in Yamanouchi-machi, which was the venue for the giant slalom and slalom events in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, still attracts lots of skiers from around the world. But skiing is not the only reason why foreigners make their way to this town. Many foreign tourists also visit Yamanouchi-machi to watch the monkeys soaking in the hot springs there amid the deep snow of winter.
Jon Pitt and Keryn Sovella, a married couple from Santa Fe in the United States, had come to Yamanouchi-machi not to ski but to see the snow monkeys and enjoy the spas after visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, and Naoshima in Kagawa Prefecture. Thoroughly enchanted by the monkeys leisurely bathing in the open-air baths, they exclaimed, “Kyoto was wonderful, and Naoshima was beautiful, but this is simply amazing!” (TU)

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