Site Renewal


We have renewed the IHCSA Café site. How does it look? It’s a bit more stylish than before and easier to view, don’t you think? We hope the new site helps you to loosen up a little, just as if you were enjoying a moment of relaxation in a café.

Have you ever thought of renewing yourself and resetting your life? It’s not really possible to simply abandon your spouse, partner, family, job, or whatever and start all over again, is it? But there is one way of refreshing yourself without throwing anything away. That’s right, go on a trip. Go somewhere you’ve never been before and absorb the scenery, the fragrance, and the ambience of the local people. In these unfamiliar surroundings, you are sure to have new encounters and fresh emotions. Take a look at the local nature and history, enjoy the local cuisine, and relax in a hot spring. Your rusty senses will be revived, and your batteries will be recharged for the next day.

We will continue posting various information for our readers and hope you enjoy the rides through lovely Japan, “kawaii” Japan, fascinating Japan, tasty Japan, and so on. (SM)










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